Team Prague

We do not forget our inner child.

Anna DostalovaAnna Dostálová (CEO)

I'm the director of Pididomek - a chain of children groups and nurseries based in Prague and Mlada Boleslav. I'm also a mum of two children. Working with children, allows me to work on myself, because children are like our mirrors. I believe, the first six years of a child’s life is the most important time for their further development - therefore I aim to offer to our little ones an inspirational environment and high-quality care, and hence complement their family up-brining. I studied University of Economy and Pre-School Pedagogy. I'm still educating myself. I enjoy working with our team of teachers who I support in their own development. In my free time, I enjoy going for walks, visiting art exhibitions, playing the piano and doing yoga.


EtelEtela Campbell (Operations Manager)

Thanks to being one of seven children I´ve been babysitting since I remember. I have a skill to turn almost everything into fun, which was soon noticed by many mums living nearby and it kept me busy for many years. I left to study sports science at Ostravská Univerzita after my A levels. In 2014 I moved to Scotland and worked as a Montessori teacher where I was also helping parents of children with troubled behavior and autism. During the last four years I´ve worked as a department manager for a sports retailer. Currently I am in my last year studying Childhood and Youth studies focusing on child's psychology, family therapy and research. In my free time I enjoy hiking, climbing, surfing and yoga. My newest and the most admired hobby is my son Barnaby, who inspires me everyday and is a living proof of how  far positive language, good attitude and endless love takes you.

Alena KurajdováAlena Kurajdová (kindergarten teacher)

My first experience working with children was when I looked after my friend’s twins. I realised I really enjoy it. I found it rewarding and fulfilling. I like children's honesty and ability to be here and now - to live in the moment. I love gardening and looking after animals. I enjoy singing, painting and playing the guitar. I write poems and lyrics for my songs which I sometimes recite at author's reading events. I studied Sociology at St. Zdislava College.




Šárka HolečkováŠárka Holečková (kindergarten teacher)

For me working with children embodies an opportunity to try to achieve moral and spiritual values. I love being surrounded by children, someone who is so innocent and beautiful. An important part of my life also represents art. I love to pass on its spiritual dimension through dance and its excitement. I have studied dance at the Dance Academy in Prague. Furthermore I have completed College of Pedagogy at Svatojánská kolej. I also found the fulfillment of life in volunteering, therefore I used to volunteer in a care home for old people and children. Up to this day I help people with mental health issues and volunteer in a Child center where I support an abandoned child.


Martina MárováMartina Márová (kindergarten teacher)

I love foreign languages and speak English and French fluently. I enjoy how I get to explore different cultures throughout their native language. Children fascinate me because of their immediateness, openness and spontaneousness. I love exploring and creating new things together with them. I sense that creativity is so important for children. I have completed Early Years studies. In my free time I like to relax outside in nature, but preferably in the mountains. I love to travel, dance, do sport, educate myself, and do beekeeping, but also organize different workshops such as yoga, dance or beekeeping. I am happy to be part of Pidiomek since 2014 and I aim to contribute to the child's development in all possible ways.


Míša BJMichaela Janků (kindergarten teacher)

As a child, I knew I would work with children one day. I enjoyed caring for my younger cousin and neighborhood children. Since my other big interests have always been the visual arts, I decided to study film school in order to create animations for children. After graduating, however, I realized that direct contact with children would fulfill me much more. That is why I am currently completing my studies in Special Education at Charles University, where I only need to pass a state examination. During my studies, I worked as a teacher and assistant in a suburban camp with blind children and helped out in a special kindergarten with children with ASD. In addition, I worked in an international nursery and children's group. Beside working with children and art activities, I love photography, travel, nature and animals.

PIDIDOMEK 2021 01 25 WEB 2Katarína Motúzová (nurse in children group)

I remember the moment when I left for England to work as an Au Pair a few years ago. I have worked for many families with children of various ages and realized that working with children is fulfilling for me. I admire children for their truthfulness, originality and individual qualities. Every child is different yet amazing. I did not have any pedagogical education, therefore I have completed training to become a professional nanny, moreover, I am always trying to educate myself. Apart from working with children I also love music, dance, sport, and traveling.




Anna Halamová (nurse in children group)

I am a mum of two little children who are bringing a lot of wonderful things to my life. I flourish the time spent with children, teach them how to sing, dance, create, go outside and enjoy life. I love children for their extraordinariness, truthfulness, curiosity, playfulness and their excitement. I celebrate their development and I aim to be their pillar for trust and fierceness to overcome all challenges which await. I´ve studied social and pastoral work. During my studies I worked as a pedagogical assistant and pedagog of free time activities. I love aromatherapy and I also study at the institute of aromatherapy. I am finding support for good communication with children in ´Nevýchova.´I am finding the strength which is so well needed during caring for children in Yoga, meditation, family, and time spent in nature. 


DarinaDarina Písaříková (nurse in children group)

I am still very new to this profession, however, I do have some experience working in care. I am a professional carer and do have a few years of practice. I always wanted to work with children and during my placements at school I did get the opportunity to try it, but only on the odd occasion. It is now, when it really makes sense for me. I am trying to be a good example for the children and trying to create a positive impact on their lives. I am trying to be not only the nanny and the teacher, but also a friend who makes them feel safe. I am aware that there is a lot to learn about childcare, but it is worth the effort. I love to spend my free time with my family. I enjoy exercise, nature and a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to this job I finally have time to do all my favorite things, but also look forward to going to work.

Jana ČernáJana Černá (nurse in children group)

I enjoy working with children and I believe that the originality of each child can make the lives of us adults richer and vice versa. I started working with children in 1987, when my daughter was born. I used to teach at highschool and for the last 12 years I´ve been working with children in preschool. My aim is to have happy children and satisfied parents. In my free time I like to be surrounded by family, do sport, travel, do gardening, and read.




PIDIDOMEK 2020 12 07 web 8Jana Čuříková (leading nurse in children group)

I have started to work full time with children, even in my spare time since the birth of my two sons. After some time I have completed professional nanny training to allow me to work with children in Early Years. My experiences come from my family, baby room, child group and nursery. The presence of children in my life makes it fulfilled and rich. Working with children brings a great deal of responsibility, but also happiness and a wonderful energy. In my free time I love to be surrounded by family, but also soaking up the positive energy in nature. I also love to travel. Working in Pididomek is a great opportunity for which I am forever grateful. 


Pavla SnejberkováPavla Šnejberková (kindergarten assistant)

Same as no two leaves on the tree were created the same, no two people were born the same either. I was always fascinated by people, the way they think, their spiritual worlds, their originality and all the things specific to them. The variety in life and nature is so fascinating and so important for our survival. Everyone can be a teacher and a student at the same time. Every human being has values and incredible potential. Good relationships can positively influence a child's development. I have studied Early Years in Svatý Jan pod Skalou, where I was introduced to pedagogy and psychology. I was gaining experience by working in different nurseries, groups, Primary schools, and child care centers. When I moved to Chichester (England), I studied English, art and design, but also worked as a carer for people with severe illnesses. I adore animals, nature, being creative, aquarelle painting, teaching power yoga and I am also interested in graphic design.