Team Prague

We do not forget our inner child.


Anna DostalovaAnna Dostálová (director)

I'm the director of Pididomek - a chain of children groups and nurseries based in Prague and Mlada Boleslav. I'm also a mum of two children. Working with children, allows me to work on myself, because children are like our mirrors. I believe, the first six years of a child’s life is the most important time for their further development - therefore I aim to offer to our little ones an inspirational environment and high-quality care, and hence complement their family up-brining. I studied University of Economy and Pre-School Pedagogy. I'm still educating myself. I enjoy working with our team of teachers who I support in their own development. In my free time, I enjoy going for walks, visiting art exhibitions, playing the piano and doing yoga.


Lenka Karbanová (deputy director)

I studied preschool pedagogy at high school and andragogy at university. I have completed several accredited courses: exercises for parents with children, courses in Montessori pedagogy, children's swimming, children's yoga, creative drama, an introductory course to Respect and Be Respected. After the birth of my son (2009), I moved from human resources to lecturing on the exercises of parents with toddlers, because I became interested in education and I became enthusiastic about working with children. I set up an agency for animation programs for children and, among other things, I acted as a clown at larger events. The children's smile was the biggest reward for me. I worked as a "Doctor Clown" volunteer for a while. Beside that I also organized and lectured family stays with swimming lessons.

I like to spend a free time with my family, we go to cottages and trips. I love children and nature, and I am most happy in the forest. I will be happy to help you with operational and administrative matters and everything else that concerns your children in Pididomek.

Anna ŠtrajtováAnna Štrajtová (nurse in children group)

My first experience working with children was when I looked after my friend’s twins. I realised I really enjoy it. I found it rewarding and fulfilling. I like children's honesty and ability to be here and now - to live in the moment. I love gardening and looking after animals. I enjoy singing, painting and playing the guitar. I write poems and lyrics for my songs which I sometimes recite at author's reading events. I studied Sociology at St. Zdislava College.




Šárka HolečkováŠárka Holečková (children group nurse)

Práce s dětmi pro mne představuje příležitost, jak usilovat o rozvíjení tolik důležité morální a duchovní hodnoty člověka. Mám ráda, když jsem obklopena dětmi, tedy někým nevinným a krásným. Důležitou roli v mém životě hraje i umění. Ráda dětem předávám jeho duchovní rozměr právě tancem a nadšením z něj. Vystudovala jsem státní Taneční konzervatoř v Praze, obor klasický tanec. Dále jsem vystudovala VOŠ pedagogickou - obor pedagogika a vychovatelství. Naplnění jsem v životě hledala mimo jiné i v dobrovolných činnostech. Věnovala jsem se tedy jako dobrovolnice seniorům v domově pro seniory, dále i dětem v dětském domově a dodnes se věnuji občas i lidem s mentálním postižením a také docházím jako dobrovolnice do Dětského centra, kde se věnuji jednomu opuštěnému dítěti. 

Martina MárováMartina Márová (kindergarten teacher)

I teach the Bear class in Pididomek nursery in Prague. I like languages. I speak English and French. I enjoy studying languages and getting to know new cultures and countries. A great source of my inspiration was my visit to France and working for foreign companies. What brought and still brings me to working with children is their immediateness, direct nature, open minds and spontaneity. I like creating and discovering. I studied Pedagogy and achieved several certificates. I am a child and adult yoga instructor. I organise and run yoga workshops for children where I use playful learning methods. In my free time I enjoy relaxing in nature, travelling, exercising, dancing, bee keeping, running my workshops and continuing to learn. I have been part of the Pididomek team for over 6 years and I am proud to participate in all aspects of children’s development. It is truly amazing watching children grow, develop and discover the world.

Michaela Janků (kindergarten teacher)

As a child, I knew I would work with children one day. I enjoyed caring for my younger cousin and neighborhood children. Since my other big interests have always been the visual arts, I decided to study film school in order to create animations for children. After graduating, however, I realized that direct contact with children would fulfill me much more. That is why I am currently completing my studies in Special Education at Charles University, where I only need to pass a state examination. During my studies, I worked as a teacher and assistant in a suburban camp with blind children and helped out in a special kindergarten with children with ASD. In addition, I worked in an international nursery and children's group. Beside working with children and art activities, I love photography, travel, nature and animals.

Jana Dümlerová (nurse in children group)

I gained experience for my work as an au-pair in England and a nanny in Paris, where I cared for children between three months and six years of age. Thanks to this experience from abroad, I am able to use my language skills at work. I have experience in Montessori-type facilities, forest nurseries, as a specialist in working with children with special needs, and also as a leader in summer camps for children and as a relief assistant. I really enjoy working with children.

I like to spend a free time with my family and dogs, we take joint trips and we like to relax in nature. I really like literature, fairy tales for children, I grow flowers and vegetables in my own garden, I am interested in healthy eating and I like to dance. I studied teaching with a focus on ecology. I am interested in respectful approaches in education.

Jana Čuříková (nurse)

Ever since my sons were born, I have been devoting myself to children full time, even if only in my free time. Over time, I completed the Nanny Course until the start of compulsory schooling. I draw on my experience from my family, nursery, children's group and kindergarten. The presence of children in my life fulfills and enriches me a lot. Working with children is a great responsibility, but also a great joy and source of energy.

I like to recharge my energy in nature and I like to travel. I love my family. Working at Pididomek is a great opportunity for me, for which I am very grateful and enjoy it.

Pavla SnejberkováPavla Šnejberková (kindergarten assistant)

Just as no two leaves are the same, no two human beings are identical. How cool is that? I have always been interested in people - their minds, thinking, soul, and uniqueness. Life’s diversity is fascinating and important to our survival. Every person can all be a student and a teacher at the same time. Each human life is valuable and has a great potential. I believe that stable, strong relationships have a massive impact on every child (at home, nursery, school). I studied St Jan pod Skalou Christian Teachers College (VOSP), where I was introduced to psychology and pedagogy. I gained my experiences working and volunteering in various nurseries, orphanages, summer camps and primary schools. For several year, I lived in the UK where I studied English and Art & Design, and looked after adults with profound disabilities, providing them with 24-hour care and supporting them in their daily activities. I love people, animals, nature, creative activities, and watercolour painting. I am a qualified power yoga instructor and currently I am trying to master graphics.