Operation rules in the children group

Rules of attendance

  • Teacher is responsible for the safety of children since taking a child from you until your or other authorized person picking up.
  • In case of late picking up after opening time, we will charge you an extra fee of 60 CZK per each started half an hour.
  • Selected days of attendance can be changed later, only if it allows our capacity.
  • With regard to the other children we do not accept children with symptoms infection diseases (including colds and hard coughs). In case a child becomes sick during the day, we will call without delay to you and your child will be isolated from the others until your arrival. Please read the general measures in case of occurence of infection diseases.
  • Sick child must be picked up as soon as possible, so that we avoided the infection of the rest of the children.
  • Children are not allowed to carry small objects that can be swallowed. Also, please keep your own toys to a minimum.
  • Children's clothing should be signed on labels. If this is not the case, we are not liable for the loss of things.
  • Read the information on the notice board or door carefully so that you do not forget anything important.



  • Attendance can be canceled the same day until 6 am. Lunches must be excused the day before by 2 pm by checking out of the reservation system.
  • Missed hours that have been duly excused in the attendance system are replaced by attendance on days other than regularly set attendance according to free capacity. Refunds can be collected within 30 days back and forth from the date of apology.
  • Public holidays are not replaced.
  • In a pre-planned month long absence, you have to report by e-mail to the director or deputy. 20 % of the monthly tuition fee is then paid, thanks to which you will have a place reserved in Pididomek for a maximum of 1 month.


The rights and duties of parents

  • The teacher will handover the child from parents or their designated representative.
  • A child will be picked up personally by parents or their authorized represerntative.
  • Written forms with approvals are stored in nursery and kindergarten. The teacher will not handover a child without written approval.
  • Parents are required to advance the individual issues of child health - allergy, diet, medications, different way of eating, etc.
  • Parents are required to prove that their child has been vaccinated cumpolsorily.
  • Parents are required to report any changes in the child's personal data and change phone numbers.
  • Parents have the right to come into Pididomek and participate in educational activities in agreement with the teacher.
  • Parents have the right to be adequately and timely informed about what is happening in Pididomek. They can contribute at parent´s council their ideas and suggestions to enrich the children's program of study or comments on the operation.
  • Parents have the right to consult educational progress of the child with a teacher.
  • Parents have the right to discretion and protection of information concerning their personal and family life. Information about children are consistently used only for internal purposes of numery and kindergarten Pididomek.


Emergency situations

  • In case of force majeure and closure of Pididomek (e.g. quarantine when Covid occurs in a child or staff who have been in close contact with children), there is no reduction in tuition fees or the termination of the obligation for parents to pay tuition fees;
  • Tuition fees (proportional to closed days) will be refunded to parents if kindergartens and children's groups are closed by government regulation, provided that such closure is compensated by the state.
  • The parent may decide to leave the child at home for a month – in which case the payment of the tuition fee is reduced to 20 % of the agreed amount; however, this option cannot be used for several months in a row.