Educational program

Our educational approach is based on the principle of respect for the other (the child) = be respected.

We include the game, creativity and physical activity. Children engage in activities naturally and intuitively, they not only passive followers. Activities are tailored to the children's age and are divided into thematic units - a month of reading, fall colors, my family, the animals on the farm, profession etc. Program ensures compliance with the daily routine, which includes alternating activity and rest, healthy food, drinks and staying outside.

We offer shorter lessons that are changing by days:

Kindergarten Pididomek Praha (classroom "Teddy bears" - children from 3 years)

 Mondays  9:00 - 9:30 yoga  Martina
 Fridays  9:00 - 9:30 playful English  Pavla


Outside stays

We have the advantage of equipped courtyard that provides privacy. The nearest children's guarded playground in Žofín is a few steps away. Thanks to its location in the center of Prague, the Pididomek Praha children's group can visit many interesting places - Petřín, Střelecký ostrov, Žofín with a historic train, the Science Station and more.