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Respectful care

When raising children we apply the approach "Respect and be respected."

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Inspiring environment

The furniture in nursery is made by a Czech company. The cozy inner courtyard offers privacy while children play outside.

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PIDIDOMEK Prague nursery with extended English program

You can find a fabulous house near the National Theatre called “Pididomek” with a small yard with playground. Inside there is a nice, safe and inspiring environment with classic toys and Montessori tools. Small children are provided with responsive care and a creative itinerary together with an extended English program. If you want to ensure that your child will be independent, with high self esteem and confidence and won't be easily lost in this world, then you have found the right place.

What do parents say about our school?

"My daughter started attending Pididomek when she was 2 years and 3 months old. She liked it immediately and looked forward to going there. In Pididomek she learned many things, started to sleep again after lunch, found friends. Her teacher Adélka gave her a lot of attention and knew how to treat her. Abi had the opportunity to learn singing, painting, exercising, going to the park or to other indoor/outdoor activity venues for children or even for shorter trips. Abi attended Pididomek two days a week and we never had a problem to change the days if needed. We were both (me and Abi) very happy." Markéta Hodaňová

"Štěpánek (3 years old) started his attendance of Pididomek after a long search among preschools. I wished to find a nice friendly environment that was not only babysitting. I was lucky to find such a place. Štěpánek´s addaptation process certainly wasn't without tears, which was also stressful for me. However thanks to his teacher Adelka we finally coped. Adélka was very patient and told me that everything is fine, and sure enought after a few days my son began to look forward to visiting Pididomek. I'm a big fan of the daily program - the children go out a lot, paint and do fun activities that support their mental development. I am most excited about the yoga session, in which I will be glad when Štěpánek joins. I would like to send a big thank you to all the teachers. They even managed to teach children how to dress up, etc." Lucie Flesarová