Děti každé ráno s velkým jásotem vítaly Maggie, která se stala jejich spiklencem. Často zlobila a pletla si věci nebo dělala naschvály. Díky její bezprostřednosti se učení stává opravdu hrou. Přečtěte si více o ucelené metodě, kterou doplňují pracovní listy a CD na doma.

Wattsenglish funguje úspěšně v Pididomku Mladé Boleslavi od roku 2017, v lednu 2018 jsme se nechaly proškolit i pro pražskou pobočku.

What Makes the Wattsenglish Method Unique?

  • The approach is an integrated method of teaching English to pre-school and young school children, developed in cooperation with psychologists, pedagogical specialists, and linguists;
  • Children do not study English; they learn it in a natural way - similar to their first language;
  • Children are exposed to and encouraged to communicate with real native English speaking teachers (through the use of a real human face) in course books, short interactive video clips and video songs;
  • The method helps non-native English speaking teachers to create a natural bilingual environment;
  • Maximum efficiency - very quickly the children can follow instructions and understand intentions, they even start to communicate in English naturally;
  • Successful even for children who may later have problems studying a foreign language;
  • Enables infant brains to create another centre of speech (in addition to the mother tongue) that will stay with them for the rest of their lives; speech centre creation stops at an early age;
  • Children love the courses; English becomes the means of their mutual play - great motivation.